Trip, Tallinn-Stockholm



With Tallink, travel enthusiasts have the opportunity to visit both the sea and land, both in Tallinn and in Stockholm. With Tallink it became possible to combine the architecture of two European capitals and make a sea cruise on the Baltic Sea.

From Tallinn by ferry to Stockholm

In Tallinn, having visited the Upper and Lower Towns, admiring the Town Hall, and, of course, the weather vane “Old Thomas” on its building, observation platforms, you can plan your way further. Before that, you should visit a tavern with wild boar pies in the Town Hall, try hodgepodge and barrel cucumbers. Interestingly, cucumbers must be caught from a huge barrel and they are completely free.

Having taken plenty of pictures on the narrow streets of Tallinn and cobblestone pavements, you can set off to conquer the second European capital – Stockholm.

Travel time

Cruises from Tallinn run daily. Residents and guests of Tallinn can go on sea cruises from Tallinn on two modern ships – Victoria and Baltic Queen, Tallinnk company.

Tickets can be booked on the Tallink Silja Line website and receive your tickets when you board the ferry. Ticket prices vary depending on the season and day of the week. The most expensive tickets for Christmas and New Year. Tickets are cheaper on weekdays. The average fare is from 124 to 524 euros.

When buying a ticket, choose not only a cabin, but also related amenities – a grill restaurant, as then you may not get a seat. You can also book excursions from Tallink.

Departure time of the ferry from Tallinn is at 18.00 Arrival – 10.15 am Departure from Stockholm at 17.30 Arrival in Tallinn – 10.15 am

The whole trip takes 40 hours and a lot of impressions. Having received a ticket in hand at the port, before boarding, you scan it on a special device and go through the long sleeve on the ferry. The same ticket serves as the key to your cabin. Everything is very well thought out. By choosing to cruise from Tallinn to Stockholm by ferry, you will feel luxury, convenience and practicality. This is a full-fledged sea voyage with an overnight stay in your own cabin. Tallink does not provide without a cabin option. You will spend a total of 16 hours on the ferry until you reach Stockholm.

No matter which ferry you choose, you will step onto the thick carpeted walkways that are laid out throughout the ferry, holding on to the golden handrails, wherever you go, there will be bright lights and shiny lamps everywhere.

You can admire the gentle sunset and the changing seascapes and thus explore the Baltic Sea in all its glory. Sailing to Sweden, you will observe fjords and skerries, you will see Swedish villages and nature. On the ferry, Tallink presents the opportunity to take a sightseeing tour of Stockholm. Things can be left in your cabin, and taking documents and money with you, go for a walk around Stockholm.

Why is the cruise Tallinn Stockholm Tallinn so popular:

First of all – the price. There is a flexible system of prices and ticket booking

High level of service. Even if you are a bore, everything will suit you anyway


Meals on the ferry, from which tourists recover. Delicious and varied.

Which ship to choose?


It has been making regular cruises since 2004. In total, 2,500 passengers can be accommodated on the Victoria ferry. Cabins are presented in different classes and levels of comfort.

Suites can accommodate 1-2 people. Two rooms, shower, toilet. The price includes a special breakfast.

Suite cabins have a smaller area than Suite cabins – 11-20 square meters. m. In the cabins – shower, toilet. A special breakfast is also included.

A-class cabins are designed for four berths. There are two beds above and below. The cabins have a shower and toilet.

The most budgetary are B-class cabins. They do not have a window and can accommodate up to four people. Residents can use the shower and toilet.


Here you can go shopping. By the way, if you compare prices, the prices are lower than in Tallinn, and, of course, than in Stockholm. Girls! Cosmetics on the ferry are cheaper than in the duty free of Tallinn Airport. There are two large performance halls on Victoria. Guests can listen to a concert program, watch talk shows and dance at the karoka disco until the morning. There is only live music at the disco, a jazz band plays, a poet hits from the Beatles to Christina Aguilera, that is, for every taste.

There is excellent catering for guests. Moreover, you can eat on your own in your cabin by buying food in a supermarket, or visit the Tallink buffet. The food at the buffet is just amazing. Everything is here – from shrimp to ice cream. The choice is huge and varied, organized on the principle of a buffet. Everything is beautifully presented and fresh.

Another plus is that guests can bring their own drinks to the show bar. So, you can watch a variety show while slowly sipping a glass of your favorite wine that you brought with you.

Baltic Queen Compared to the ferry Victoria – Baltic Queen is more preferable. It is newer than the ferry Victoria – built in 2008, launched in 2009. It can accommodate 2,800 guests comfortably. Cabin categories:

Executive Suite – there are six of them on the ferry. They are the most comfortable and large in area – from 24 to 31 square meters. m.

Suite cabins. Large, their area is from 24 to 31 square meters. m. They are on the eighth deck.

Cabins De Luxe, ranging from 11 to 14 sq. m. Cabin class Family Cabin. They come in eight, seven and four-seater. There are also cabins of class A, A2 and B. They differ in area, comfort, number of places for accommodation.

All cabins, without exception, are equipped with shower, toilet, furniture and TV. On Baltic Queen you don’t have to think about what to do during the cruise. In addition to shops, supermarkets, a sauna and a swimming pool, there are activities for the soul. You can dance all night long at the Ibiza Disco or sit in the Starlight Palace nightclub. And also visit the water park or bowling. A buffet is provided for guests, as well as restaurants, cafes with dishes for every taste. Tour program

Arrival and check-in on the ferry at Terminal D

Departure for Stockholm

  • Show program
  • shopping
  • Entertainment
  • Dinner
  • variety show
  • spa treatments
  • Breakfast
  • Arrival
  • Excursion around the city
  • Ferry trip to Tallinn
  • Arrival

In Stockholm

The capital of Sweden is an unusually picturesque country. Six hours are allotted for the tour before the ferry leaves for Tallinn. It is worth taking a tour from Tallink if you are visiting the city for the first time. Cost – from 20 dollars. First you will ride the bus around the city for 2 hours, then 1 hour walking tour.

You will feel the atmosphere of the Venice of the North, because that is what it is called, since Stockholm is located on 14 islands. Of course, you will see the City Hall, in the building of which Nobel laureates are honored.